Monday, May 21, 2012

Is Hair Coloring Safe?

IN THIS day and age of social consciousness, where youth and inner and outer beauty are revered, where image is considered very important, hair coloring has become a widely accepted cosmetic aid. Among those who used this hair grooming tool was US President Ronald Reagan, even in his 80s. Many public figures and media celebrities, especially women, have benefited from the practice.
Are there advances in research and development over the past 60 years which have resulted in hair dyes and coloring system that are more efficient, less damaging to hair fiber, and safer in general? Let’s explore and comb through this colorful issue.
How old is hair-dyeing?
Hair coloring may have even pre-dated civilization itself. This is one of oldest cosmetic procedures known to man, besides face and body color artwork, which was practiced by ancient cultures in Egypt, Greece, Hebrew nation, Persia, China and early among Hindu people. Today, this is universally common appearance-enhancing tool and a trillion-dollar business industry.

What are these dyes made of?
In the Roman times, dyes were made from plants and metallic compounds (copper, iron), or a combination of them (rock alum, quicklime and wood ash). Others included birch bark, brazilwood, walnut leaves or nut husks and galls from oak trees. saffron, myrrh, mullein, turmeric, chamomile plant, and henna. The last two are still used today in some organic preparations.
Current commercial preparations use complex formula, which varies among manufacturers. Believe it or not, more than 5,000 different chemicals are used in various formulas to achieve the desired color and shade for each product. You Should read the FULL STORY

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