Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The worst food declared by

The worst food declared by

1. French Fries large (200ml of oil)
2. Ice Cream / Donut
3. Hamburger
4.Ice Tea: ICF dehydration
5. Chippy Red: large (2-3 tbsp salt)
6. Instant Canton: 1 pack (3 days) before detoxified by the liver
7. Sweetend Pork (Tocino, Longganisa etc)
please try to avoid these

Try to avoid! Pass this to your family and friends if you care. :)

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bOjoy said...

sh*t jean, w0rst gyd? gina kaon gyUd nko na tnan bah! nyahahaha...

Jean said...

haha! worst lagi jud dw joy. lami baya noh?

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